Building a Network Marketing Business – Why Do We Do It?

Ask yourself this question again:

Why am I building a network marketing business?

I mean, seriously consider the whole purpose of why you are in network marketing and why you do what you do on a daily basis in your business.

Some people put way too much emphasis on finding your ‘Why’ and analyzing this concept to death.

Your ‘why’ is very important, but many times we just go to the emotional reasons of why we are in this business and forget about the logical applications the ‘why’ factor plays in to.

Let me give you an example of what I mean:

Your ‘why’ could be to retire your spouse from their current full time job so they never have to work again in corporate America.

That’s great, but that needs to be broken down into more concrete terms in order to truly help you reach that desired outcome.

In fact, many people have a big ‘why’, but their only concrete plans are to just keep doing what their upline or sponsor is doing and hope someday they will reach their goal. That kind of thought is so far from true business sense that it is almost funny.

You need a definite plan that works for you that is based on sound business principles (not excitement or hope):

For instance, you would need to put pen to paper and figure out exactly how much money you would need on an ongoing basis to be able to retire your spouse (or even yourself) from their current position. You would also need to determine what would need to happen in your network marketing organization to bring in that kind of monthly income.

To further break that down, you would need to investigate your current daily activities and results of each activity to determine a timeline of what you have done up to this point and how long it has taken you to get here, and what kind of income are you earning right this minute.

Then, you would need to calculate your past results vs. the results you need to accomplish this objective and set a realistic timeframe for a goal to be reached. After this is done, you will determine the hours you will need to put in and the actual methods you will use to reach your goal.

Then, you begin your plan and track every activity to ensure each result is what it needs to be to move your business forward in the timeline of your goals.

Now, all that may sound like a lot, but real business owners and professionals do this everyday to reach their objectives using smart business sense.

So, back to the main point of discussion here, “Why do we build a network marketing business?”

Well, instead of getting all caught up in the whole world of network marketing and what it is and what it does and everyone’s loyalty to the industry; let’s get real honest and say why we do what we do.

Most people build an MLM or network marketing business because of the money it provides or the promise of the money it can provide.

To retire from corporate America needs a certain amount of money. To put your kids through college takes a certain amount of money. To live a life of luxury or to travel the world takes a certain amount of money.

I know that helping people is a big part of the business, and it should be; but don’t make the mistake of falling into the ‘help’ trap. I mean, if our primary objective is to help people, we would be involved in a volunteer organization or charity outside of mlm right now. Helping others is so important in life, but in network marketing, if you aren’t getting consistent results yourself, how can you honestly help others in that area?

Again, YOU must lead from the front and get great results yourself before you can expect to build a team of successful networkers. Getting yourself into profit mode before you start trying to direct others will help you understand what it will take.

If you can’t get ahead yourself in a short amount of time, either the so-called ‘system’ you are using is not effective or YOU are not effective. I know, that sounds harsh, but it truly is either you and/or the actual activities you are doing that is causing your success or lack thereof. That’s it. No secret to it!

Network marketing in and of itself is just a vehicle that can allow you to achieve your goals.

Don’t get too involved in the politics of network marketing or how great your company is, or the industry itself; as it will distract you from your ultimate goals. Network marketing companies are a dime a dozen, but it’s YOU that makes a success of it or not. There are many great companies, but their success is dependent on YOU.

Quit worrying about trying to prove that your companies products or comp plan is better than the other guys, and concentrate on the income producing activities that will get you where you want to go.

I know I’ll get heat for this statement, but all real truth does anyway:

Loyalty to your specific network marketing company is great, but financial loyalty to yourself and your family is much greater. I mean, you can get a commission check anywhere, and even of you don’t think this could happen; your company could shut down in a heartbeat and leave you stranded. Networkers need a loyalty to sound business principles first before getting all excited about network marketing itself or their chosen company. If you know how to market and build effectively, you can be successful in just about any company!

I love this business and I love the company I am an INDEPENDENT representative for, but this industry is simply a WAY to achieve a desired outcome. Please make sure your focus is in the right place. If you hate what you do on a day to day basis, stop! Then, take a look at your own talents, abilities, and passions and ask yourself if you are using those in the accomplishment of your goals. If you aren’t, your end results may be a fraction of what they could be.

If there is a better fit for a vehicle to help you achieve your goals with, then pursue that! Network marketing is an effective vehicle, but it’s not the only one. You need to to what you are passionate about and good at and use any number of effective vehicles available to get that done for you. If it’s in mlm, then great: Plan your work, and work your plan. If it’s not, then great: do the same with whatever vehicle you choose, but do choose a leveraged vehicle and do use your strengths.

So, to wrap it up: Why do we build a network marketing business?

Because it is an effective vehicle that can allow us to create income and changes that will lead us to our desired results. We do it not because we love network marketing itself, but because we love what can happen if we succeed in this particular vehicle and what that success will enable us to to.

The end result is the reason, but the end result can’t happen unless the desired income is achieved; and the desired income cannot be achieved unless you are working a proven plan that gets predictable results on a consistent basis.

Will your current plan get you to your desired result?

How To Achieve Duplication in a Network Marketing Business

We hear it all the time: ‘Duplication in your network marketing business’. Why is duplication so important to your network marketing business?

For one, without it you would be solely dependent on just your own efforts the entire life of your business. If you are not duplicating, you might as well be in another line of work because your business would never grow to the level it can, and you would have no team and not very much building residual income.

You always hear about the people in this industry that are making six figures a month. Now, the ONLY way they could achieve that in network marketing is by duplication in their business: Others at work who also contribute to your income.

However, most people will never see that kind of income in MLM because they haven’t quite harnassed the power and the scope of effective duplication. The average network marketer will get excited about possibly recruiting a ‘heavy hitter’ or two, and hopes that person will go nuts and start building at an insane rate; therefore building the sponsor a successful business.

Stop right there!

This is NOT how it works. Even though duplication is the component that can skyrocket your income and your business, YOU must be the one to ‘go nuts’ and pull out all the stops to make things happen. Then, people you recruit will see what you are doing (not necessarily what you are saying), and will be more inclined to follow your pattern of success.

You cannot depend on anyone to build your business for you. If you truly want to build a team of successful network marketers, you must lead from the front and actually BE the person you would want your people to be. You must provide the right kind of business building education for your team and equip them with effective tools, so they can also go out and get the job done on a consistent basis.

Now that you understand the importance of duplication in a network marketing business; let’s talk about what you can do to achieve it:

- Lead from the front (be the leader and the performer that you desire to see in your people first). You must start the duplication machine in your business with your own personal efforts and never stop until the job is finished.

- Get educated (invest in outside education in marketing, sales, and other business practices), so you will be able to rise above the crowd and get better results than the masses do.

- Attract potential leaders and builders to you through effective marketing by generating your own leads instead of prospecting and soliciting everyone, like the masses do. You don’t want anyone, you just want the select few who get it. (Doing this will save you tons of time in getting real duplication going.)

- Provide consistent RESULTS-BASED systems and training for your team (not the systems that are used by 95% of your network marketing company rep base). You must be different if you want different results.

- Always track your personal and team results, and consistently improve and upgrade your marketing methods for maximum performance. (If something isn’t working, change it or drop it.)

- Use leverage to the maximum capacity in your personal efforts as well as in team performance and training. (Learn how to do things faster, easier, and more effectively than other networkers – and the results will prove the effects of your implementation.)

True duplication and team building in your network marketing business can happen if you do your part to ensure that it begins with you and that you have educated yourself and your team on EFFECTIVE business building methods and training.

When this happens in a business, it’s hard to put a stop to the kind of growth this kind of duplication can bring you! It all starts with YOU.

Start a Flea Market Business

So you just gotta have a storefront business.

Why not start a flea market business?

Flea markets are entrepreneurial hotspots. You could most likely do some market research into what people want to buy and what they are buying at your local flea market.

Over 500,000 vendors sell from America’s 5,000 flea markets. There are 150,000,000 people who shop at flea markets annually.

Here are the reasons you may want to open your start a flea market business before starting a traditional business, taking the plunge and signing a long term building lease.

a. Flea markets offer a low cost entry into business

Get your sales tax license and a county business license and you are virtually ready to go. You can rent a booth for a day, a weekend or by the month. If it doesn’t work out, you’re out of there without losing thousands.

b. Flea markets are great for part time entrepreneurs.

You may be holding down a part or full time job and need the income. No problem. Start a flea market business on the weekend or work the flea market daytime and work a job nighttime.

c. Flea markets are a great place to liquidate merchandise.

Let’s say you have a great source of slightly blemished goods at a cheap price. The flea market may be just the place to liquidate them.

d. The flea market may become your full time business.

Many an entrepreneur decided to try something new and liked the flea market so well that they just stayed there and never move on to a storefront elsewhere.

e. Flea markets are great for niche marketers.

Let’s say you just want to sell something like pickles, handmade pretzels, dog collars, or a specialized clothing. It may be hard to build a storefront around a niche. With the flea market traffic that is already there it could work.

f. Start with virtually no advertising.

Just business cards and maybe flyers and you are ready to go. The flea market has already advertised so you have immediate traffic. Now just be friendly and engage the customers and let’s make some sales.

g. Start with very little capital.

Flea markets allow someone with just a trunkload of merchandise to get started. I have a good friend who went to prison due to a partnership dispute. When he reentered society he had next to nothing. With a small purchase of liquidated goods he was able to build larger every week with his profits. Today he has a large flea market business and also wholesales to other dealers.

h. Give yourself a plan B.

Start a flea market Business.

I have a relative whose wife has a good job and expects a good retirement. In today’s market, even her government job is at risk. She started her own jewelry business as a hedge against a possible layoff. She works flea markets, small shows and eBay to build her business, which was started with minimal outlay of funds.

i. Start with minimal business fixtures.

Usually just a table, a couple chairs and possibly some display racks and you have all you need to display your goods at the flea market. You can continue to improve things as you build your business from week to week.

j. A good add on for the Home Business Entrepreneur.

Some of us don’t like to be tied down to a regular work week. Most flea markets offer all kinds of different business models. Some are only open weekends and others offer the option to have a storefront open a full work week. Some entrepreneurs like to have their schedule flexible. This is harder to do in a traditional brick and mortar business without hiring employees.

So what do you do to get ready?

First, visit the flea market you may want to sell at.

Talk to the vendors. Check out the traffic. Check out the cost of a booth. Some flea markets are online and you can do much of your research ahead of time.

Get your licenses. If you’re not sure what you need ask some of the vendors at the market. They will know, as most of them will have the licenses.

Get your tables, chairs, merchandise, price labels, snacks, cooler for drinks and so on ready ahead of time. Get some ones, fives and change. You can use a cash bag, a nail belt, fanny pack or a cash register to keep a control on the cash.

Get a good nights sleep and get to the flea market early to set up. That way you’ll have time to make a quick run back if you forgot something or have a snag setting up.

Good luck as you Start a Flea Market Business.